Noren (Japanese Curtain) with Logo

Noren (Japanese Curtain) with Logo


Japanese Type Design, Branding
Screen print on Noren (Japanese Curtain)

Designing for a Japanese restaurant based in Greenpoint, New York.

Wanpaku is a Japanese restaurant in Greenpoint with a nice-looking minimalist space, friendly staff, and a bar in the back called The Hidden Pearl. They have a bunch of small plates, including some very good Japanese fried chicken and salmon tartare with a raw quail egg. Feel free to skip the pork bun and fried oysters, but we’d suggest not skipping the tonkatsu curry. It’s great.
— Byran Kim, The Infatuation
Interior Shot by   Bryan Kim

Interior Shot by Bryan Kim


Brand Typography on Menu


Noren Making

“We are Open ‘Wanpakuly’” — Photo by  @   insidegreenpoint

“We are Open ‘Wanpakuly’” — Photo by @insidegreenpoint

Photo by  @   wanpakubk

Photo by @wanpakubk