About Bullhead (Yonghong Food Co. Ltd) 

"Yonghong Food Co. Ltd, headquartered in the county of Huishui, Guizhou province, is one of the top three players in the Chinese beef jerky market. The Company's most famous product, “Niutou”, or “Bull Head”, is a recognized “China Famous Trademark”, a prestigious title granted to only a handful of branded products. For nearly 30 years Bull Head has been synonymous with taste and quality."

Company Website - http://www.bullhead.com.cn/


Guizhou Style Package Illustration


Illustration inspired by girls and baby from Miao (Chinese ethnic group). It is the wind-rain bridge in the background.



地狱麻辣牛肉 & 地狱麻辣灯影牛肉
Hell Spicy Beef Jerky & Hell Spicy Thin Sheets Beef


Inspired by Chinese traditional God figure. 



Maotai Flavor Beef Jerky


This is a series of Chinese wine—Maotai—flavor so I got inspiration from Li Bai (李白)'s poem, "Drinking Alone Under the Moon(月下独酌)