Typography Tile


Typography is something that is transparent but not invisible, silent but powerful. 

It wasn't as such visible to me as I started to learn about it. Because of that, I started to get impressed by the beauty of simply black on white. The flow of the letters and the spaces. 



Book on Eames Chair


This project is an extension on transparent typography for the article. And uses 5 levels of typographic hierarchy.


I want to make it classic and modern at the same time, minimal but not boring. Having only one spot color as highlight, and a three-column grid, were some pretty classic choices. So I play with the placement of the footnote, image and spacing. As you can see, the first large image in the opening has been highlighted - a full-size image also follows the three-column grid system, I thought it was fun. Also on page 6, the image was the size of the page but I shifted it one column to the right. Thus, it was still following the grid but with more movement.



Snow Country


This Project is to choose a book and do transparent typography.


This book was actually a homework that my literature teacher assigned for us to analyse during high school. Fortunately, I fall for this story. I read through the book for more than twice. I watched the black and white film and repeated my favorite part over and over again. I choose the second part cause I love the way the author wrote about the death of the girl. It was beautiful but sad. The black on whites looks just like the black and white film. Traditionally beautiful.




The Crystal Goblet


This project is to design the pages including Bastard Title, Verso Bastard Title, Main Title, Verso Main Title and a Colophon page.


I believe this book is the Bible for typographers. 

This project started by doing transparent typography in the body and then the information pages. Last but not least, designed the cover page for it. There were two versions: limited edition that uses specific paper and trade edition that will be mass produced.

Below are the two versions of my cover.

  Cover Page for Trade   Edition