Sustainable Packaging - Zero is More


I'm very into package design. I do not judge a book by its cover but I might judge a pack of snack by its design.

However, the most wasted design on earth—in my own opinion—is package design. Until now, about 30 percent of the waste comes from packages. Designers tried their best to create visuals that last longer in style. Yet, it doesn't help to save spaces on our earth. It is a non-stoping counting towards an infinite huge number. Can we count the number down instead of adding? 

Like a number zero. What if a package that turns into nothing?

Introducing the zero-waste teabag. 

sun_peiyu_02 copy.jpg

This is a dissolvable teabag made with 100 percent natural substances. The inner part is the Chinese Oolong tea leaves, which was rarely been use in teabags, for the intention to publicize the Chinese Tea culture. The leaves are wrapped with a layer of agar—a natural substance that has no taste and smell, and no harm for the body. This transparent shelf holds the tea leaves for the amount of a cup, and allows everyone to see the beauty of the tea leaves. For hygiene reasons, the teabags were wrapped together by three, using lotus leaf and a rope. To enjoy it, simply drop the ball into a cup of boiled water. After a few minutes, nothing else but a nice cup of Oolong tea. 


Challenging the need of plastic bag
with a string


With the traditional skill of wrapping grocery goods in the old days of Asian culture, I did three GIFs of me wrapping things with a string, to show a potential of a string that might change the way we do packing and lifestyle at the same time.