Sustainable Branding - Therefore, Zero


After a semester of experimenting on novel zero-waste package designs, I discovered more and more potential of them being an inspiration for the design in the near future. However, I realized that only have a content does not help to slow down the speed of wasting.

For the past 30 seconds there was already a million plastic bags had been used or discarded in the world. In the near future, we will probably need the spaces of two extra Earths for as to live.


Maybe we should move to mars.


I questioned myself how to save our one and only earth as a designer. How to deliver my message?

sun_peiyu_02 copy.jpg

Before moving to Mars, how can we make space in our one and only Earth? How can we reduce the amount of our daily waste? It is hard to avoid it completely, so let’s just start counting the numbers down to zero by a simple change in life.

Everyday — just in the United States of America — we produce around 63,000 trucks filled with plastic waste. In every minute, there will be nearly two million plastic bags been used and soon be discarded in the world. If we continue like this, we will need to triple the size of Earth in the very near future.

Therefore, Zero has been founded as a sustainable design studio by a team of designers, who want to explore ways of creating novel package designs that are both ethically and aesthetically pleasing. The designers want to motivate the general public to live a sustainable life by experimenting with package alternatives using zero-waste materials. As an inspiration, Studio Zero showcases several experiments — like a dissolvable tea bag and a container made of Lotus leaves. 

To initiate the urgently needed discussion, studio Zero has developed a manifesto that is published on the website. It helps us reducing our waste by applying small changes of our behavior. If only a hundred people join this movement every month we will reduce the amount of waste considerably.


Therefore, zero is more.