I had worked for the Yonghong Food co. ltd (Bullhead) as a freelance designer. I developed a series of packages for their new product and had redesigned their old packages. I know the history and culture behind the brand and wish to bring it to their visual identities. And also tried to focus on the English logo for the potential international markets.

Take a look at my Package Designs for Bullhead >>

Inspired by the horns of a bull, I found out that this word starts with 'b' and ends with 'd' looks quite symmetrical! Which also looks like horns of a bull! 

I created a motif and apply them to the letters, with a spot color and a year of establishment at bottom to keep it simple but also showing a bit of the background.

Then I developed a Chinese version by applying the motif on to the Chinese characters. Also made the year of establishment longer to balance out the complex upper part. 

Also, for other purpose such as a profile image for social medias, a simplified visual identity will be needed. 


Below, are some example of the logo applied to stationaries.