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Pattern Collection / Fashion Illustration / Garment Design


The Sun - Pattern Collection

Illustrator, 11*4”, 2014 

My concept of this pattern collection swatch booklet was about Chinese cultural traditions, yet, more specifically Royal family. Dragon (Loong), not only exist as legendary and mystery, but also as a symbol of power and authority, which emperors been known as “son of the Dragon”, used as patterns only for emperors’ belongings. My title of this collection is ‘The Sun’, which also symbolized the emperor, emphasis on the beauty of Chinese Royal patterns. 

Color Palette 


“Skin as white as snow, beautiful and elegant beyond convention and cannot be under- estimated, but appears cold and indifferent” 

Little Dragon Maiden

Garment Design, Photography and Poster Design, 2014


This garment is inspired by Qipao and Emperor’s Dragon rob in Chinese culture. It is a combination of Chinese tradition and nowadays trend flavor. This design went through the process of researching on the topic, creating pattern booklet, developing own sewing pattern, photographing concept photo and of course make the dress. 




Fashion sketching, Garment Design and Branding, 2015

This collection influenced by the concept of a Chinese saying, "Woman is made of water", showing the versatility of women. Just like the ocean--full of tenderness when it is in peace, and powerful when it comes the wind.

Selecting from the colors of the image of waves, and inspired by the volumed silhouettes. I developed a collection with a range of 7 apperals.