Hey! How much do you know about our heart?


Did you know that our heart beats 100,000 times per day, that is a renewing of 70 tons of blood each day! Which means each blood drip will be traveling about the distance of 2 and a half round of Earth.


Did you know that our heart communicates...


Based on the researches from Harvard and UC Davis, if two people who are very close in relationship are doing similar gestures, they will be synchronized!

But we start to lost communications.

Sometimes we are having problem to say something that are important...

What if, our heart speaks for us?

Introducing Lubdub!


Lubdub, just like any other message apps, except that it is your heart who does the job.


You can also share your heartbeat as a moment, a story or a memory to save...

Moreover, with the vibration setting for the heartbeat receiving, you can have a vivid feeling of other's beating heart.





I want to show the uniqueness of having a physical touch on digital device and a bridge build up by the beats of heart.

To show the concept of the brand, the beats of heart are unbreakable and will always be connected to each other even on separated ad boards.


Touch screen advantage


Subway waiting time is no longer a struggle. It is a great opportunity for Lubdub to put up a demo version of the app for the passengers to tap through.


Other Products


1. Lubdub Player

A music player that select songs from your current heartbeat.


2. Lubdub of the Newborn

An album with collection of songs made with the heartbeats of newborn babies.